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Value White Tea Sampler

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Product Overview

This is the perfect tea sampler for lovers of White tea. Only the youngest leaves still covered with short white hair (down) are selected for the production of white tea. The selected leaves are steamed and dried in the sun. The absence of fermentation, withering, rolling and oxidation of the leaves allow white tea to contain great concentrations of polyphenols, an antioxidants. The downs on the white tea leaves are clearly visible and give it a silvery-white appearance. White tea is famous for it's sweet aroma and delicate, fresh flavor. When brewed, the tea leaves float vertically near the top of the brew and then slowly sinks down. This Tea Sampler includes 6 samples of our White tea. You will get approximately 0.5oz to 0.75oz per sample, depending on the leaf size of the tea.

Tea varieties include:

  • Silver Needle White Tea, (Bai Hao Yinzhen)
  • White Peony, (Bai Mudan)
  • Longevity Brow, (Shou Mei)
  • Lemon White Tea
  • Lover Blooming Art Tea
  • Paradise Blooming Art Tea

For a more complete description of each tea, click on each link and you will be directed to the tea's individual page. With an affordable price, you can not go wrong with this Tea Sampler!

Tea comes in attractive packaging. Perfect gift for tea lovers.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review