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Chinese Tea Sampler

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Product Overview

This is the perfect tea sampler for people who want to try our popular Chinese Tea at an affordable price. This Tea Sampler includes 8 samples of our Chinese tea. You will get between 0.5oz and 1.5oz per sample, depending on the leaf size of the tea. Each tea each will come in its own square tin canister, which will all be housed in a presentable, decorative box. This Sampler Set is perfect for gift giving.

Tea varieties include:

  • Yunnan Black Tea, (Dianhong)
  • Keemun Black Tea, (Qihong)
  • Jasmine Dragon Pearl, (Imperial Long Chu)
  • Chun Mee Green Tea
  • Dragon Well Green Tea, (Lung Ching)
  • Phoenix Mountain Oolong, (Guangdong Dan Cong)
  • Anxi Benshan Wulong
  • Silver Needle White Tea, (Bai Hao Yinzhen)

For a more complete description of each tea, click on each link and you will be directed to the tea's individual page. With an affordable price, you can not go wrong with this Tea Sampler!

Tea comes in attractive packaging. Perfect gift for tea lovers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review